How to fight the opioid epidemic by following happiness pathways.

The opioid epidemic is not going away without a fight. Presently, over 100 individuals die every day from opioid-related overdose. According to experts, the hopelessness resulting from the inability of some individuals to create effective relationships with institutions and individuals that could help them lead happy lives is the underlying factor behind addiction and the current opioid epidemic. What can you and I do about it? Although there are some clinicians and scientists who work directly with addicts in hospitals, clinics and medical centers, and there are some who are working in laboratories in search of vaccines or non-addictive pain medications; most of the fighting will be done by reaching individuals in the community before they reach a state of hopelessness. It will mean more kindness and more sacrifice from all of us to reverse this trend. So this week I urge you to show more kindness to the people you encounter and interact with. That’s a good beginning.

To learn more about how to be kinder and happier-read the book the Chiology way to happiness.


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