The Human Chi

Human Chiology is the study of the Chi of humans. The Chi is the personal ‘governor’ of an individual.  In scientific terms, the Chi can be considered the mind of an individual. The Chi is the summary of the ‘energy’ of a person. The Chi determines the destiny of a person. One can understand the Chi as the summary of the emotions of an individual. The more positive the emotions in a person’s Chi, the better their destiny. Love, joy, peace, happiness, patience, etc, are positive emotions, while hate, anger, frustration, revenge, and related emotions are negative emotions.

Human Chiology is, simply, an account of love. Here, you will find simple and practical steps that will help you find more love between you and your true-self, your family, friends, community, the Earth, Universe and other esoteric entities.


The Author

Dr. Uzoma Nwosu was born in the Eastern Region of Nigeria. He grew up with his Igbo family and was surrounded by grandparents, Uncles, Aunts and other relatives that were highly exposed to Igbo culture known as Omenana. Following graduation from college of Medicine, University of Nigeria, he worked as a Medical Officer at the General Hospital, Onitsha as well as the Brigade of Guards Medical Center in Abuja.

In South Africa, he started as a Medical Officer at the South Rand Hospital, subsequently rising to a Principal Medical Officer at the Department of Medico-Legal Services, Johannesburg.

Dr. Nwosu held research positions in the Pharmaceutical industry in South Africa. He worked in the Clinical Research department in Abbott Laboratories and was a Medical Advisor at Pharmacia/Pfizer.

In the United States, he is certified by the Examination Council of Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and worked as a Research Fellow, at the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases and has peer reviewed papers.

Dr. Nwosu has Holistic and Integrative Medicine experience having worked with Dr. Stephen Holt at Natural Clinician and Dr. Richard Brown at Breath Body Mind and is the co-author of the best seller ‘Topical Pain Relief’ revolution.

Chiology was born out of all his combined experiences and a need to deliver to the world a Holistic healing technique that is based on African culture, specifically Omenana (Earth Happenings, Earth Culture). The Mission of Chiology is to introduce the concept of the Chi and peaceful Chi (Udochi) to the world.


The Igbo

Based on Archeological evidence, the Igbo people have lived in the South Eastern Region of Nigeria for thousands of years. Several sophisticated bronze, copper and Iron items, dated to the Ninth Century, that were discovered at Igbo-ukwu suggests that the Igbo civilization may have been disrupted hundreds of years ago.

The Igbo people were significantly affected during the slave trade, and many Africans who were brought to the Americas during the slave trade were Igbo. With the advent of colonialism and globalization, the Igbo can be found all over the world.

The Igbo people were primarily farmers. The culture was designed to support a successful harvest. Yam can be considered the most important crop. Craftsmen produced items such as hoes and baskets that assisted in farming success.

The Earth (Ana, Ala, Ani, etc) was regarded as a high ranking authority. The Culture of the Igbo, known as Omenana, revolves around the Earth. Various ancient technologies and ideas, were devised to support the farmer in achieving a bountiful harvest.

The Igbos believe that every person has a Chi, known as a personal god, that determines the successes of the individual. Each person has his own Chi. According to Mbonu Ojike, there are as many Chi as there are personalities. Chi-ukwu (Chukwu, Big Chi) is the name attributed to the Almighty God.

Expectedly, various rituals were developed to enable an individual cultivate a personal relationship with their individual Chi. Basically, farming, craftsmanship or trading success is attribute to the Chi.

The Chi is a very wide subject. For example, the Igbo speak of Chi-uba (Chuba, Wealth Chi), which describes the Chi of a wealthy person. A person with a wealth Chi (Chuba) is expected to use certain practices to maintain their Chi.


Advisory Board

Ikenna Onyeso, Prince of the Nri Kingdom.